ome a hub in the community, standing guard over the gritty streets. Inside, Liang -- a native of Sichuan province in southwest China -- uses his 60 years of martial arts training.

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properties. Also, the legislation increases the limit of land given to each beneficiary from 40 to 67 hectares, while including forestry and fruit production in the allowed activi.

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es and the police forces, for everything to work out, left great results," the Minister said. "We will work hard to ensure excellent security for the Cup, to the best of our capac.

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t. The incident came amid increasing tensions between the U.S. forces and their Afghan hosts after the burning of Quran and other religious materials at the U.S.-run Bagram Airbase.

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Cancun climate change talks, the nation's ambassador to Mexico Arne Aasheim told Xinhua on Tuesday. "A legally binding treaty should be the goal, but it is a process that will tak.

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a called Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis of Latvia today to congratulate the Prime Minister on his re-election and as part of his ongoing consultations with our NATO allies," t .

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rom Orange County cities, residents can expect deeper cuts in public services, including fewer police officers and firefighters. "We live within our means and so should state offi.

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te. Merten said the absence of a prime minister was a "disadvantage" for continued international cooperation. The ratification of Conille's appointment could soon end four months o.

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a leader has "gone deep underground," but the United State will continue to hunt him, said Obama. Full story Afghan FM says Bin Laden not hiding in his country CAIRO, Nov. 7 (Xinh.

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