canes in the nation's history with at least 1,800 killed. "When it comes to disaster response, we've worked very seriously to enhance our preparedness efforts so that Americans ar.

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cases in all departments, as well as in the capital Port-au-Prince. Fisher had no details about an especially large protest that erupted earlier on Monday in Cap-Haitien, the count.

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mes, congregate care, assisted living, or other board-and-care homes. Almost 50 percent of those aged 95 and older in the United States live in nursing homes. Some home-bound seni.

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a pledged again Monday to establish an independent consumer financial protection agency as the government is pushing Congress to accelerate the financial reform legislation proce.

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lars), or 2.15 percent of the GDP. ? Brazil's chief of staff Erenice Guerra speaks during a signing ceremony of agreement for the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Plant.

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p to improve the relations between the two countries," said the 86-year-old former president, who visited Cuba on a private invitation from President Raul Castro. On Wednesday, Car .

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remain appropriate for a period of time, after which some modest withdrawal will likely be required, consistent with achieving the 2 percent inflation target," the bank concluded.

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on's financial regulation reform, as the Senate voted to finish debating the bill, paving the way for a final vote on the landmark legislation. Speaking in the Rose Garden, Obama .

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e invested more than $1 billion in Mexico, Guyana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia and Brazil. We are investing in those nations to halt deforestation," he added. Norw.

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